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Let's see what can I say about myself, I'm an easy going person, I usually kick back enjoy life for life it selfs. That's why sex is one of the things i need the most. Lately i've been sexually fustrated and well i pretty much want to meet someone. I really don't ask for much, I see life as an adventure and I want to have fun. If you want to talk, give some kinda of address I can reach you at adultfriendfinder . My Feelings on one-night stands are I like them, you can date some one with out having attachments if u don't want them.


datenutcake . I'm educated, witty, and like to socialize. I work hard so I enjoy playing even harder when I have time. I feel I deserve it. I am in an extremely happy marriage and need nor want another man. I am more than dick pleasured already so please don't send me any dick pics (even as a couple, I'm interested in what your girl looks like). My husband has given me permission to play alone with a gal pal and that's all I am in search of...or if chemistry is all there we can ALL play together!!! I DO NOT play alone with couples. I prefer nonsmoking CAUCASIANS btwn 30-40 years old. (No offence to any other race/ethnicity...but U other gals are/look like my sisters and can't get too excited bout that) Just can't fuck any one that looks like my sister. I don't like the Barbie doll type or fake body parts (anorexic, skinny, twiggy, bony, about to break in half, etc...). I don't like the other extreme as well (Fat, overweight, cellulite city, fat rolls stick out further than your boobs, you actually have tits just because your fat, separate your thighs just to find your pussy, etc...)


I'm young, vibrant, witty, and full of a lot of energy. Im usually cooped up at work all week so I don't get to release any of this stored energy. Im fun, charming, and sexy. Looking for a little refresher on the weekends. So let me know if you are interested.

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She needs ACTION

Married couple, she's totally shaved, totally submissive. Looking to get her as much dick and pussy as possible. She's a total freak and will do most anything. He watches & photos, only joins in if it's OK

Looking for groups of men who are preferably friends between 18 and 35. She's especially into black men. Also looking for a steady dominant girlfriend for her to go out with.

looking for expressive individuals (men, women, and couples). If you love to talk and write all about having sex then I would love to hear from you! I don't get too much time for chat, but I do try to get to my email when I can. A few things I am not looking for... phone sex and not really a sexual relationship... although I can't rule out wanting to meet interesting, fun people.

Great sexy woman looking to have some fun. Need a Break

Nice looking blonde with blue/green eyes. Likes to have fun, but seems to be in a rut and to serious lately with work. I love to please and tease, love to touch and kiss. I love hours of foreplay. I'm very open minded and willing to try just about anything.

dating Some one that wants to have fun, and loves touching, kissing. And wouldn't mind letting someone else take control once in a while.

looking for new excitement. 40 years old

hello... I am looking for a new experience!!exciting!! I love to meet new people that have the same interest as I do! Normally when I meet people I am too shy to tell them what I am really thinking or wanting. So, I decided to use this system to work around my shyness. Just work me and you will not be disappointed........I am 5'4, 120 lbs, 34C. I will send pic if interested. Tell me what you want and like-- I would love to please........ Friends that are always willing to please. Respect for each others needs and maintain the respect no matter what is shared between us...

Can't sing but can Moan!

I'm mixed (black and Italian), mature woman who loves sex more than head games. I'm looking for a lover/friend< a woman has her needs and I'd be the first to say I'm in need! I tend to be on the quiet side but I'm not shy. Baskin Robbin has 31 flavors and I'd like to try a few of them!!I'm a professional woman who works for a major bank. Update: It has come to my attention that about 90% of the women on this site is selling something and 10% that aren't. I would like to be CLEAR; I fall within the 10% and am looking for the man/woman adult thing! Join for free

sexy for sex

A man that is respectfully who is looking for a woman with a little padding. If your around my age, with no other partner. Looking for a sex/dating relationship that will include movies, holding hands and mini weekend trips. Someone who'll not put alot of demands on my personal time. Must enjoy giving oral sex <no really ENJOY, plus 69 can be fun too. Turn offs: unkempt long nails and bi sexually men. contact me

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